20131204 ROW80 Check-in

Time for a Do Over


Last week, I got serious about converting from Yahoo mail to Gmail, Google’s email solution. It’s not that I haven’t been motivated to make the switch before, but changing providers comes with built-in pain. And I’ve been busy. You may have noticed that I skipped a couple of ROW80 check-ins. Shhh. We’ll keep that between us.

The recent, ill-advised “improvements” to the Yahoo email interface lowered its usability and raised the number of errors I receive (ALL THE TIME), so I decided to fire Yahoo as my primary email provider. Congratulations Marissa Mayer! Your surprise redesign lost your company another paying customer.

Part of my reluctance to make the switch was the necessity of learning a new interface. For this, I turned to Anson Alexander’s YouTube tutorials. If you want to follow along, start here: Gmail Tutorial 2013 – Introduction & User Interface (Part 1)

Another reason I dragged my feet about transitioning to Gmail was that my original Google User ID was one of those cute ID’s new users feel compelled to create, like smartgrrrl2019. That’s not really what I chose, but you get the idea.

A clever user ID works as a joke between friends, but as a professional ID, it’s less than ideal. So I decided to change my ID. Not fun. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a good start on: How to Migrate Your Google Account to a New One.

Switching from Yahoo mail to gmail was made ten times harder by adding a gmail to gmail switch to the equation. That’s a perfect example of scope creep! But I decided to get the matter settled once for all. Please don’t ask me questions about this process; I stumbled and bumbled my way through too many hours of trial and error to give an accurate account of what I did to make it work.

ROW80LogocopyNow for the other part of the transition—getting the word out that my contact information has changed. I anticipate that part to drag on for the better part of a year. Still worth it.

I’ve been agreeably surprised by Gmail. Leaving Yahoo folders behind and embracing labels and filters has the potential to keep my Inbox at zero most of the time.

Also, sending attachments in Gmail works so much better than in the current rendition of Yahoo email, and since sending attachments is a critical part of a what I do, that alone makes the switch worth the trouble. 

What do you think about email programs?

Sunday – Wednesday  PROGRESS:

  • Wednesday’s ROW80 check-in. DONE
  • Comment on other’s blogs. DONE
  • Draft Friday post for author blog by Wednesday. IN PROGRESS
  • Draft a post for Christ’s Reflections blog for Monday, 12/06. IN PROGRESS
  • Social media:
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present) YES
    • Twitter (3X/day) NOT AS MUCH.
  • Critique for a member of my critique group on Monday. I did three chapters. 

Thursday – Saturday GOALS:

  • Sunday’s ROW80 Check-in.
  • Comment on other’s blogs.
  • Complete the blog post for Friday and fire up another one for the following week.
  • Social media
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present)
    • Twitter (3X/day)
  • Complete business plan for my new editing business.
  • Complete 2,000 words on WIP.

How are you doing on your ROW80 goals?