20131208 ROW80 Check-in

Business Plan Blues

In addition to changing my email providers, as I discussed in my last post, I’m rewriting my business plans to reflect my decision to self-publish. Eventually.

I discuss my reading list for anyone who’s interested in making this decision from themselves in my post: Business Plan Blues. I’d appreciate your feedback in comments on my author blog.

I’ve been fulfilling other obligations this week, trying to clear the decks so I can simply write. Needless to say, my word count stayed at zero. So that goal wasn’t met. ūüė¶


I did publish a few blog posts. Generally speaking, blogging is easier than writing fiction. I’ve got to make sure that I don’t let it take the place of getting the hard work.

More Hard Work

Writing blog posts is easier, except when I write¬†posts for my Christ’s Reflections blog. I always feel compelled to dig deep to produce my absolute best and to be absolutely clear in the concepts I’m trying to communicate because I believe it’s for a higher purpose. Every post represents hours of research and more than a few hours of heart searching. Then, there’s the artwork. I don’t like to slouch on that, either.

I loved the photo I found for Searching the Scriptures in Vain – Part 1. See what you think:

Thursday – Saturday PROGRESS:

  • Sunday’s ROW80 Check-in. DONE
  • Comment on other’s blogs. DONE
  • Complete the blog post for Friday and fire up another one for the following week. DONE and DONE Friday Favorites #9 (Spiders!!)
  • Social media
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present) DONE
    • Twitter (3X/day) I did better on this.
  • Complete business plan for my new editing business. (I made significant progress, but the process is more involved than I thought at first.)
  • Complete 2,000 words on WIP. NOPE

Sunday РWednesday  GOALS:

  • Wednesday’s¬†ROW80 check-in.
  • Comment on other’s blogs.
  • Draft Friday post for author blog by Wednesday.
  • Publish Part II on Christ’s Reflections.
  • Draft a post for Christ’s Reflections blog for Monday, 12/16.
  • Social media:
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present)
    • Twitter (3X/day)
  • Critique for a member of my critique group on Monday.
  • Continue work on business plan.
  • Complete 500 word/day on WIP. That’s 1500 words by Wednesday. I know I can do that in a couple of hours, but somehow, they don’t want to flow right now.

What do you put in your business plans as an author?