20131211 ROW80 Check-in

December 11 – Happy International Mountain Day! Mountain

It’s that time of year again–International Mountain Day, a day when the United Nations General Assembly urges us to: “…to organize events at all levels [their words, not mine] …to highlight [really?] the importance of sustainable mountain development.” According to the U.N., “…mountains have gained an increasingly high profile….” Again, really?

Who writes this stuff? ROW80Logocopy Did the writer really mean to imply that mountains are growing taller? My tax dollars are hard at work, bankrolling the U.N. copywriters.

Blogging Like Crazy

I finished  Searching the Scriptures in Vain – Part 2 And I posted a promised author interview for Tom Blubaugh on my momsread.com blog. Sometimes, I think I keep that blog around just to experiment with HTML.  It looks nice, if I do say so myself. The author interview post has multiple column arrangements, and it looks like a magazine spread.

Sunday – Wednesday  PROGRESS:

  • Wednesday’s ROW80 check-in. DONE
  • Comment on other’s blogs. DONE
  • Draft Friday post for author blog by Wednesday. DONE
  • Publish Part II on Christ’s Reflections. DONE
  • Draft a post for Christ’s Reflections blog for Monday, 12/16. IN PROGRESS
  • Social media:
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present) YES
    • Twitter (3X/day) ALMOST
  • Critique for a member of my critique group on Monday. NOT YET
  • Continue work on business plan. YES
  • Complete 500 word/day on WIP. That’s 1500 words by Wednesday. HALF DONE

Thursday – Saturday GOALS:

  • Sunday’s ROW80 Check-in.
  • Comment on other’s blogs.
  • Complete the blog post for Friday and fire up another one for the following week.
  • Social media
    • Facebook (reconnect with people from my past and my present)
    • Twitter (3X/day)
  • Continue work on business plan.
  • Complete 5,000 words on WIP by Saturday night, 12/14. I’m going to aim big even though I know my college girl is coming home for break in a couple of days.

How did you spend International Mountain Day?